When Sons and Daughters Choose Alternative Lifestyles

When Sons and Daughters Choose Alternative Lifestyles:
Winning Through Losing
by Mariana Caplan, PhD

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Hohm Press © 1996
ISBN 0-934252-69-6

When Sons and Daughters Choose Alternative Lifestyles
For parents and adult children who are dealing with the crisis that arise from joining an alternative community, marrying inter-racially or outside of one’s religion, choosing a gay / lesbian lifestyle, or any choice that defies the wishes of parents.Read about:
• Coping with the shock of others’ decisions
• How to deal with grief
• Use of appropriate language and support so not to cause
further alienation
• Using the crisis as a chance to deepen family relationships
• Learning to “agree to disagree.”

“If only you had written this book ten years earlier you could have saved us so many problems!”
~ Mollie Caplan, Mariana’s mother

“Offers practical and inspirational ways to heal the adult-child relationship. Mariana Caplan provides an insightful resource for an individual or family to use for greater effectiveness and mutual understanding.”
~ Angeles Arrien, author of Signs of Life and The Four-Fold Way

“Caplan, a therapist and freelance author, has written a guidebook for parents developing new relationships with their adult children. Although the title indicates a focus on an adult child’s nontraditional lifestyle, the relevance of the book is not limited to parent/adult child relationships far outside the mainstream. Caplan states that a relationship must be maintained regardless of the areas of disagreement and that parents need to recognize the need for that bond and grieve for their lost hopes. Her advice to parents is based on two principles: find help for yourself and put love for your adult child above all else.”
~ Library Journal