To Touch is to Live:
The Need for Genuine Affection in an Impersonal World

To Touch is to Live:
The Need for Genuine Affection in an Impersonal World, (2nd edition)
by Mariana Caplan, PhD

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To Touch is to Live
The Need for Genuine Affection in an Impersonal World
(2nd edition)

Foreword by Ashley Montagu

To Touch is to Live offers positive solutions for countering the effects of the growing depersonalization of our times. Mariana Caplan exposes an understanding of this phenomenon of touch-starvation, citing its roots in childraising, education, family, culture, a lack of healthy models of sexuality, and other sources. She emphasizes the need to get more “in touch” with our own humanity, and closer to others in ways that support our highest potential as human beings. Citing the areas of physical touch, emotional presence and spiritual communion, she points to the myriad ways we can learn to touch each other: through caring communication and listening, through friendship, more profound and sacred intimacy, through acts of kindness, by simple service to one another, by sharing our love for truth.

Read about:
• Loving and teaching our children through healthy touch
• The roots of violence and abuse
• Healing through touch
• A healthy model of sexuality
• Touch as a context for our lives

“Mariana Caplan has written a beautiful book, wonderful, courageous, and distinguished by its eloquence, soundness and originality. A book that all the world should read, for it carries a healing message, easy to apply, full of highly realizable promises, and happily rewarding…”
~ Ashley Montagu, author of Touching: The Human Significance of the Skin

“An important book that brings to the forefront the fundamentals of a healthy world. We must all touch more.”
~ Patch Adams, M.D., founder of The Gesundheit! Institute “This book is needed more than ever. It contains the age-old truths that anthropologists and grandmothers all know. Survival is based on our receiving affection. Only then can we develop, love, survive and thrive. ”
~ Bernie S. Siegel, M.D., author of  Love, Medicine & Miracles

“Any praise for this book is an understatement.”
~ Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of The Magical Child and The Biology of Transcendence

“Highly recommended. Beautifully written. Practical advice to bring the heart into the world and the world into the heart—a formula for the peace we all long for.”
~ Stephen and Ondrea Levine, authors of Who Dies? and Embracing the Beloved