The Way of Failure:
Winning Through Losing

The Way of Failure :
Winning Through Losing
by Mariana Caplan, PhD

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The Way of Failure
Winning Through LosingThere is another way to succeed besides winning, and few realize its benefits. The Way of Failure leads to fearlessness and real compassion. Because there is no longer a fear of failure, embracing The Way of Failure also reveals a more satisfying, flexible relationship to life.Mariana Caplan tells us to how to meet failure on its own field, how to learn its twists and turns, its illusions and its realities. Only then, she advises, is one equipped to engage failure as a means of ultimate “winning,” and in a way that far exceeds our culturally-defined visions of success. This book offers a direct means of using failure for profound self-understanding, for increased compassion for self and others, and even for significant spiritual development.Read about:
• the failure of ordinary love
• the failure of conventional happiness
• the failure of worldly success
• the failure of ideas and philosophy
• the failure of security
• the failure of meaning
• and ultimately, the failure of failure

“A work of gentle wisdom, true guidance, and compassionate corrective for those of us caught up in self-judgment and guilt, particularly those of us on a spiritual path. It deserves the widest readership.”
~ Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of The Magical Child and The Biology of Transcendence

“Written with commonsense advice, this intriguing work transforms failure into a Zenlike concept. A worthwhile addition for public libraries.”
~ Library Journal

“What happens when all our gods happiness, health, love, God Himself fail us? What happens is a potential for clear-sighted awareness that can bring about unprecedented growth and radical transformation. This is the teaching The Way of Failure that Mariana Caplan offers us in this compelling, unsettling but undeniably seminal book.”
~ Kenneth Ring, Ph.D., author of Healing Toward Omega and Lessons from the Light.