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On this website you will find a variety of resources that support psychospiritual integration. Through an array of books, psychotherapy services, ongoing classes and events, and articles, together we explore how to engage a psychological and spiritual journey that is grounded, embodied, radiant, and relationally fulfilling. Whether through writing, psychotherapy, workshops, or psychological training for yoga teachers and practitioners, the aim is always toward the integration of the psychological and spiritual aspects of our experience, as embodied and expressed through all aspects of our lives.

The Future of Psychology
April 18-20, 2014
The California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA

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Pre-conference: Soma & Psyche,
April 12-13, Angela Farmer
Pre-conference: Tantra Yoga & Depth Psychology
April 18, Rod Stryker and Mariana Caplan

The Yoga & Psyche Conference: The Future of Psychology is the first academic conference in the Western world dedicated to the integration of Yoga and Western Psychology. We will engage in a passionate inquiry about what happens when Yoga, as considered from its vast and original context including scripture, study, meditation, breathwork, and physical postures, is integrated with Western psychological theory and clinical practice, including the breakthroughs in somatic psychology, trauma research, and neuroscience. Together we will explore the implications and applications of this new evolutionary possibility, as pioneering practitioners of these traditions gather together in dialogue, deep exchange, and community.

Teachings, research, insights, and practices from these two vast and complimentary traditions will be presented by: A.H. Almaas, Baxter Bell, Mariana Caplan, Christopher Chapple, Yogi Amrit Desai, Angela Farmer, Rod Stryker, Rama Jyoti Vernon, and many others. 12 academic papers will be presented by esteemed doctors, clinicians, professors, yoga therapists, and cutting-edge researchers from around the world, demonstrating how Yoga becomes more effective to the Western practitioner through the integration of psychology, and how psychological theory and methods are benefitted by the knowledge and practices of the Yoga tradition.

The Most Important Guest is You
Students and teachers in the Yoga tradition, scholars, practitioners and students of all schools of psychology, as well as anyone interested in personal and spiritual transformation, are welcome to join us. We hope that many new initiatives, collaborations, and seeds of knowledge that can be spread throughout the world will emerge from this distinguished gathering.

Academic credit as well as CEUs will be offered for parts of the conference.

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purple-headThe Yoga & Psyche Project addresses a comprehensive integration of Western psychology and ancient yoga practice. Featuring living research from the world’s cutting-edge trauma researchers, renowned modern yogis, and leading psychologists, the project includes extensive soon-to-be-published academic research, a forthcoming workbook and book, workshops and trainings, and a San Francisco based academic conference in Spring, 2014.
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