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On this website you will find a variety of resources that support psychospiritual integration. Through an array of books, psychotherapy services, ongoing classes and events, and articles, together we explore how to engage a psychological and spiritual journey that is grounded, embodied, radiant, and relationally fulfilling. Whether through writing, psychotherapy, workshops, or psychological training for yoga teachers and practitioners, the aim is always toward the integration of the psychological and spiritual aspects of our experience, as embodied and expressed through all aspects of our lives.

Yoga & Psyche Immersion, Spring, 2015

This Immersion is designed for yoga teachers and practitioners who wish to integrate psychology and somatics into their practice and teaching, as well as psychotherapists, interns, and other healing professionals who want to integrate yoga and somatics into their personal and professional practice. Each week of this 5 module, 30-hour program, will combine psychological and somatic theory and practice, and yoga asana. Read More…

Spiritual work alone does not address many of our deepest psychological knots
and traumas, nor does it provide tools to address our wounds.

My clients are extraordinary men and women around the world – many who have engaged years of their lives on the spiritual path and others who are just beginning – who recognize the need for support to move through a particular period or challenge in their lives, or who wish to engage in a broader process of psychological self-inquiry into areas their spiritual work has not reached.
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Participate in the creation of a new field of integration.
The next Yoga & Psyche Conference
planned for Spring, 2016, in San Francisco, California
Read about the 2014 event in San Francisco

purple-headThe Yoga & Psyche Project addresses a comprehensive integration of Western psychology and ancient yoga practice, featuring living research from the world’s cutting-edge trauma researchers and neuroscientists, renowned modern yogis, and leading psychologists. The scope of the project  to date includes: published academic research, workshops and trainings for yoga teachers and practitioners and psychotherapists, two forthcoming volumes on the subject, and the first academic conference in the Western world integrating yoga and Western psychology held in San Francisco in Spring, 2014, and the second one planned for Spring, 2016.
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